Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2 Year Wedding Anniversary

So yesterday was my husband and I's 2 year wedding anniversary. Wow, two years of being married. I never imagined myself being married and I'm sure my friends thought the same thing. I was just a wild, crazy party girl that enjoyed worrying about just me. I wouldn't change a thing about my life now. I never realized what I was missing until I met my amazing husband Kenny. We have been throught it ALL together and we're still so much in love. It's awesome how easy it is to still be so happy!!! I remember the night before my wedding, and the rehersal dinner. I pulled my best friend (at the time) outside and I started bawling. I begged her to please talk me out of getting married. "What the hell am I doing??? You know I shouldn't be getting married!" I was so scared of what was about to happen the next day. The cold feet sure kicked in then. Kat stood in front of me, put her hands on my shoulders and said, "Heather, somehow you have found the best guy in the whole world. He treats you like a queen and loves you more than I thought was possible for someone to love another. You are going to be so happy and I know just from the looks on your faces the past couple years, that you are both meant to be!" Wow did I feel better after that. I guess I just wanted someone to tell me not to do it so I wouldn't do it myself...because it was something so new to me and I was terrified of making a mistake of something so huge and important. After hearing that from her, I felt so stupid for even thinking that way. I was happy...VERY happy!!! I married my husband and it was the happiest day of my whole entire life! Sometimes I just want to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. A little background on my love life.. I have dated a lot of guys, have been engaged 3 times, and have been hurt by almost all of the guys. The first guy I was engaged to was Daniel. I was 16 and I thought I was so in love. Turns out, he asked EVERY girl he ever dated to marry him. Yea, that didn't work out. Second guy was Jon. We were together for 4 years and engaged for 3 1/2. The first couple of years were great and then the love was lost. I stopped caring and so did he. We only stayed together after that because it was what we were "used to". I met Kenny and he stood by my side through all the crap with Jon. He patiently waited as the girl of his dreams was with someone else. Finally the day came I grew some balls and left! I realized that there was better out there for me, and I shouldn't have to just settle. As I watch all my friends get married and then divorced so young, I learned marriage is way more important to me. Yes there are situations where you need to just get out of the marriage, but I wanted to be sure it would be forever like the vows say. After all the shitty boyfriends I had, I finally found that one person I can honestly say with all my heart, I will be with FOREVER!! I can already picture us as old folks chasing each other around in our hover rounds. He's just so amazing! :-)

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